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Action Game

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Disney came out with an arcade styled game where you play Kuzco the llama as you try to get back to your palace so you can be changed back into human form. (Personally, I think being a llama is way cooler than being a human but that is just my opinion.) Pacha is here too to help you out while Chaca and Tipo give you hints. All the while Yzma, Kronk and her guards will dog your progress. But you'll also have to watch out for killer spiders, jaguars and alligators. You can jump, kick, roll and charge to dispatch them. If you can find all the secrets and collect all the coins on each level you will be able to view a production drawing from the film. Plus on some levels you can find potions to turn you into other animals like turtles, frogs and bunnies. Most of the scenes from the movie are here including a lot of cut scenes movies from the actual film. The game is design for ages 8 and up but I had a blast playing it. Kuzco talks to the characters with the same humor and zaniness as the movie. What I really like about the game is game play is not the same throughout each level and is from different points of view. For example, when being chased by the Jaguars to have to tap the keys to move your feet and steer. It is a great game! The detail in the game is awesome too! There are things and characters (some that were in early drafts but never made it to the final film) that have been extended in the game. There are 30 levels in all! There are two known versions: PC and Playstation, I have both. Check out the official action game site. Here are some screen shots:
Awww, look at the quiet peaceful mountain village... BORING!!!Kuzco ventures outside the safety of Pacha's village. Now who will pamper him and listen to him whine?Okay, maybe leaving the village wasn't such a great idea but at least the jags will have a snack.Oh no! It's Yzma! She has come after Kuzco! Oh wait, it is just a giant killer spider. Whew!Looks like Kuzco keeps going in circles. Maybe you should give him some help.Merrily, merrily, life is but being tied to a log and racing down a raging river with Pacha! Where is a waterfall when you need one?Back in the palace Kuzco is not safe from Yzma! Oh wait, it is just a big harry ape. Never mind.Wow! Yzma has done wonders to the palace. She has built a theme park inside. I wonder if you'll run into Mickey?

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Activity Game

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This is an activity styled program based on the film. You can do lots of neat things here like help Pacha grow crops, Kuzco from falling into a river of crocodiles and navigate a maze of Yzma's potions. But the coolest thing is Kronk's Loomation. You can create multimedia tapestries which you can print out or e-mail your creations to a friend (I haven't tried this yet) Plus the other neat thing is with your points in the games can be used to go on-line and buy more items for your loom (haven't tried this either) The games are cool too because there are multi-levels of difficulty. The program is design for ages 4-8 but I still had fun. Check out the official action game site. Check out some screen shots:

Geez! Is the only thing Pacha thinks about is food?Looks like Kuzco is going to help, er, Kuzco. How did he do that?I always knew Kronk was the artistic one...Also the marketing guru!Here's Yzma talking to the camera again. Isn't that Kuzco's job?

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