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Odds & Ends

(If you haven't seen the movie continuing could ruin it for you)


The translation between English and Spanish for Tipo and Chaca are dude and girl.

In the dinner scene where Kronk lights a pair of candles the holder is of a small figure. This was a character from the early versions of the film called a Wacka <sp>, he was an advisor to the emperor that was later written out.


In the trailer for the movie when Pacha reassures Kuzco that he is safe now. A second later they are accidentally tied to a tree over a cliff and Pacha responds "or not." But in the actual movie Pacha doesn't have such a line.

Originally, in the opening, Kuzco talked directly to the audience. He was very irritated and upset that the audience was watching him in the lowest part of his life. Fearing this would put the audience off too much this idea was dropped.

The makers of the film originally wanted to get Sting to sing the opening song but he said he was too old, they need someone more hip and younger. So they went with Tom Jones. Sting is in his 50's, Tom is in his 60's.

The original ending was of Kuzco building his huge summer home on the hill next to Pacha. Sting noted that it looked like Kuzco destroyed some of the landscape so instead of the mansion Kuzco ends up with a hut.

To Look For:

The first time you see the color green in the movie is when Pacha appears.

The dinner scene first starts with a cactus next to Yzma. After she pours her drink into it turns llama shaped just like Kuzco.

When Kronk leaves the diner he is carrying a doggie bag, it is in the shape of a llama.

The waitress in the film was based on Flo from Alice. Just look.

The actor who does the voice of the old man that got thrown out the window is the same actor who did the voice for Piglet.

Just Plain Insane:

Patrick Warburton improvised on when Kronk hummed his own theme song when he is carrying Kuzco in the bag to the waterfall. Disney had Patrick sign all rights to the humming composition over to them.


Pacha and Kuzco return to Pacha's house for some supplies, one of which is a rope that Pacha carries across his chest. It is seen as they run away from the house. But in the chase with Yzma and Kronk it isn't seen with Pacha again until he needs to use the rope to escape. Now it is in his hand instead of across his chest.